Complete raw dog food, the Naturaw way

Exquisitely crafted from the finest whole food ingredients to be nutritionally complete to fediaf guidelines, containing everything your dog needs for a balanced diet.

In keeping with all the Naturaw values you have come to expect. High welfare, human grade cuts of British meat, combined with a small amount of vitamin rich whole MSC certified Atlantic mackerel. Along with carefully selected and impeccably sourced fruit, vegetables and botanicals, each added for a purpose. We focus on British, organic & sustainably sourced ingredients from closer to home over cheaper mass-produced ones from further afield, and not a single synthetic addition.

The Forage whole foods are also available as a pure blend to combine with our 80-10-10 products - click here

vet approved

'I love Naturaw because they use ethically sourced human grade ingredients, sustainable packaging, they are PFMA approved and they invest time, thinking and finances into producing complete and balanced recipes for our pets'

Dr Adele Fitzpatrick​ BSc(Hons) BVSc MRCVS

plastic free, completely

The Forage range uses the same 100% home compostable packaging as the rest of our range. The tray is made from wood pulp, the film over the top is a super clever combination of plants, and the gorgeous sleeve over the top is printed on FSC certified card in vegetable based inks.

Meet the Forage range…