The real food rawvolution starts here

So you’ve decided to start feeding a raw diet, congratulations on making the best decision for your doggo/s!

Btw – If you haven’t yet decided, check out our page about the vast range of benefits raw feeding has by clicking here.

on your marks, get set, go!

When switching to raw we recommend the cold turkey approach (no pun intended!) feed their previous type of food in the evening then the next morning a meal of just raw.

Start with our specially developed Mild Chicken mince alone for around 5 days, if your dog’s tummy is happily settled on this then you can move to include meals consisting of 3/4 Mild and 1/4 the other balanced mince provided in your starter pack, steadily increasing the variety of foods offered.

how much?

The general guide is 2.5% of your dogs ideal bodyweight daily (we split into 2 meals a day).eg. 10kg dog = 250g a day (125g per meal)

Every dog is an individual with different metabolisms and exercise regimes – as you get in the swing of it you may need to adjust slightly up or down to suit. Ours both need less to stay trim!

Use our handy calculator below to work it out!

Raw Feeding calculator

Important stuff to remember

Don’t mix

It’s not advised to mix raw with dry food. Feeding raw alone encourages the stomach acid to become more acidic, ideal to deal with digesting meat. Adding dry food stops this happening and you may get more upset tummies.

Drinks are on us

Meat is naturally very moist, you will likely notice your dog drinks much less water – this is normal!

Keep your balance

It’s important to feed a balanced diet, stick to our balanced minces or do plenty of research before trying to feed a DIY approach.

what next?

When you’ve successfully fed the starter pack, you can move on to feeding a wide variety of our balanced range. Let us know how you get on! We love to see, share and discuss your progress on our social channels.

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Raring to go?

You’ve got this! This is the moment your dog has been waiting for… we’re excited for you.