Packaged to do the world of good

Not all raw food packaging is created equal. A huge part of our ethos as a company (and as human beings) is our commitment to – and somewhat obsession with – using sustainable & renewable resources for every. single. piece. of packaging we use – no excuses. Introducing our certified 100% home compostable, plastic free raw food packaging.

Our fibre trays are made in the UK (so no far east shipping miles) from pulp produced from Scandinavian forests that are certified carbon positive (this means 3 trees are planted for every 1 cut down). They are coated on the inside with a clever compostable lining that stops any product sticking to it. The top is sealed with an incredible film made from plants!

Exceptional food, exceptional packaging.


Our beautiful sleeves are printed on FSC certified sustainable card in vegetable based inks. Think this sounds expensive? It’s not – due to us designing and producing all our own artwork in house and the clever way in which they are printed to reduce material wastage, the sleeves come in at just a few pence each.

raw dog food in compostable packaging

Our entire packaging is certified home compostable and plastic free – that’s the whole tray, sleeve & lid. Just stick them in your compost, the paper recycling or even just in the regular bin. The key point with our packaging is that is is all compostable, so wherever it ends up it’ll start to break down in a few weeks. Plastic on the other hand will sit there virtually forever, and takes a lot more energy to manufacture in the first place.

Film lid made from plants. It looks like plastic but of course it isn’t, in 2021 single use plastic should no longer be commonplace and we are proud to continue to lead the charge here. Our air tight, leak proof lids are a super clever mix of cellulose, cassava and corn. Hurrah science!

Made in the uk

Another huge improvement, our new trays are made in the UK (no Far East shipping miles) from pulp produced from Scandinavian forests that are certified carbon positive (this means 3 trees are planted for every 1 cut down!)

No more sticking point!

The contents will slide out the new trays cleanly thanks to an incredibly clever compostable lining on the inside (products also have an additional paper liner on the base to improve this even further).

packed in

In 2018 we took the bold step of packing all orders in natural wool insulation designed with our friends at Woolcool, rather than pretty nasty polystyrene, and we’ve never looked back.  The liners are filled with 100% natural virgin sheep wool, inside a recyclable, food grade wrapper so that they can be reused, cutting down on waste altogether.

And about that – we have a simple and incredibly popular returns scheme where you can bag yourself some free credit for helping us to reuse them. It costs you absolutely nothing, is quick and easy and saves precious resources from the planet. Winner winner – whatever flavour you choose – dinner.