why you should feed your dog raw

It’s what dogs were born to be fed! From their carnivorous dentition to their short digestive tract like their wild meat eating cousins, the anatomy of a dog is a clear and undeniable indicator that our beloved pooches are designed to eat a diet of primarily fresh meat. Rather than laden in carbohydrates like many processed dry and tinned dog food.

feed to thrive

Protein is responsible for many things in the body, with nourishing the skin and coat high up. Feeding high quality protein, like that found in fresh meat allows the body to support a lovely shiny coat and supple skin. Many raw feeders get compliments on that lovely glossy coat.

no artificial nonsense

No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives means many behaviourists recommend raw food. Much the same way we wouldn’t feed our children a diet full of these nasties, behaviour in pets can be affected by what they eat. A carbohydrate rich diet which the body quickly turns into high blood sugars has long had links to poor behaviour.

what would they rather eat?

Would you like to eat exactly the same meal day in day out (never mind if that meal is a bowl of boring brown (or worse multicoloured) biscuits! With raw food it is easy to provide a wide variety of meats across the week. Providing mental stimulation, alleviating boredom, reducing fussiness. Variety is the spice of life.

fresh, clean

Feeding a diet of fresh raw food has another often overlooked benefit. That’s right, it’s Poop talk time! With no cheap fillers raw food is easily digested and there is very little left over at the end for the body to excrete. So look forward to smaller, firmer, less smelly poops, and less farting too! Winner.

(We won’t put a picture for this bit)

and finally…

we believe every dog deserves to eat like a king (or queen) every day

Ready to change your dogs life?