Our ingredients & ethics

Dogs are designed to eat fresh, natural, raw food. No nasty processed stuff or unnecessary filler ingredients. We’re a fresh, modern and incredibly passionate group of humans inspired by our own dogs to create the best raw food we could possibly put in their bellies. Made with no compromises, just high welfare meat from british farms, packed in completely compostable packaging with a huge dollop of love.

We’re passionate about responsibly sourcing the best quality ingredients for our raw food whilst minimising our footprint on the planet. These days it’s fashionable for every company to band around words like responsible, ethical and sustainable, but we can back it up with strict policies of standards and ethics that are independently verified and awarded.

Read about our ingredient sourcing more below…

High welfare, British meat

We source everything from British farms, this goes for our raw food and our Louis & Ada treats too. Sustainability, traceability and animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do. Our food isn’t just ‘Made in Britain’ but made with 100% British ingredients, there is a huge difference in terms of welfare and food miles – watch out for that misleading claim on other brands.

Good ingredients, well made

Our core minces are created to the ratios of prey model raw. Not sure what that means? Its basically the make up of a dogs natural diet in the wild where they would be catching their own food (eg a whole rabbit, chicken). This works out as approximately 80% meat 10% bone 10% offal (liver, kidney, spleen etc).

When raw feeding, it is imperative to feed a diet with the correct ratios, not too much bone or offal in particular. We make our minces in small batches, which ensures the accuracy is exactly what it should be.

To find out more about feeding our products and to use our online calculator see here.

all good stuff, no filler

Unfortunately at present most raw food on the market will not have percentages of each ingredient – or even the cut of meat – clearly listed. Many will simply state the meat type, eg. ‘Ingredients: Beef’ Beef what? Meat chunks? Heart? Lung? Skin? Bone? We are proud to be different and want to shout about the quality of what goes in to our products from the rooftops!

We never include any lung in any of our products, although this is an extremely cheap ingredient it really has little nutritional value. We don’t put tripe in every product, in fact we don’t put it in any product apart from the aptly named Tripe & Heart. Tripe is extremely cheap, which is why some suppliers use it in most of their products. Whilst it can be nutritious is small quantities it shouldn’t make up a large proportion of the diet. In addition its – ahem – unique smell can be off-putting to new raw feeders (and even some seasoned ones!) who promptly pack it in – we want every dog to have the best chance of a sustained fresh diet of real food.

  • We only use 100% British Meat
  • We only use pre-stunned animals (no halal, kosher)
  • We use a high % of free range & organic meat

welfare matters

Other manufacturers may say they use ‘ethical meat’ unfortunately that’s a statement open to interpretation and the reality is most of their definitions we’re pretty sure wouldn’t meet your expectations. Us? We really mean it. All our chicken carcass is Organic (so free range plus more!) All our Turkey is free range, all the poultry chunks & offal we use in our minces are either free range or organic too. We use wild meats like venison when in season. Our lamb, beef and turkey chunks are from farms on our doorstep and every single piece of meat used is 100% British. Few raw dog foods can even claim they use British meat which we regard as pretty basic. British animal welfare standards are amongst the highest in the world and regulations tightly controlled (not to mention the ridiculously high food miles of importing it).

Importantly 100% of our meat has been pre-stunned before slaughter. These aren’t the kind of words most companies would use on their website, but some things are more important than fluffy marketing terms. We take animal welfare seriously (our human founders are actually vegetarian) and we believe if we are going to feed our carnivorous companions an appropriate diet we should do so with as much care and respect as possible to the meat within it.