Meet the team

We’re a small (but growing fast) and passionate bunch who don’t take ourselves too seriously! We have a pretty unique set up where we craft everything ourselves from start to finish. We plan the recipes, source the best ingredients available, develop our sustainable packaging materials, create our gorgeous designs, and all importantly produce and distribute your raw dog food.


Lifelong Company President
The original co-founder of Naturaw, reason for starting our raw journey and the inspiration behind everything we do. A long, healthy, happy life 2007 – 2020. Missed every day but leaves a colossal legacy we are so proud of.

Loves: Dinner time, the sofa, breakfast time, football, snack time, the beach, treat time, bed, Ada
Dislikes: Salad, cyclists, not dinner time
Guilty Pleasure: Stuffed toys


CEO (Chief Eating Officer)
Our other co-founder, Rhodesian Ridgeback Ada inspired the whole business. Now a renowned and revered critic in the raw feeding world, and an immovable bollard when she has a comfy spot on the sofa.

Loves: Playing, toilet roll, Abel, squirrel, tiger, cow, dino, duck, penguin (she has a lot of toys), the sofa
Dislikes: Authority, mornings, crows, Liam Neeson
Guilty Pleasure: Rolling in fox poo


MD (Meat Director)
Joining us in 2021 after a successful 8 weeks being a puppy, ladies-man and gentle giant Abel has captured our hearts and and is now a firm fixture in the Naturaw office.

Loves: Ada, Etta (human sister), play fighting, sloppy kisses
Dislikes: Being more than 1cm away from a human, That scene in the office where they hum ‘Mah Na Mah Na’
Guilty Pleasure: Eating children books (genuinely – he ate the hungry hungry caterpillar)


Jess started Naturaw after encountering frustrating problems with raw suppliers websites, misleading info about ingredients & bone content and poor packaging. From an organic farming background, she is incredibly passionate about organic produce.

Loves: Gin, horse riding, Northumberland
Dislikes: Fussy eaters, 6AM, extendable leads
Guilty Pleasure: Peter Andre


Creative & Technical Director
Two of Tom’s biggest passions in life are his dogs and his career in design. Naturaw was the perfect marriage of the two! Usually found obsessing over the smallest detail on our packaging material or this website, or fixing something!

Loves: Glastonbury, coffee, football, music, cricket, more coffee
Dislikes: Reality TV, grapefruit, mint chocolate
Guilty Pleasure: Processed cheese slices


After a career at the dizzying heights of the corporate rat race, Chris found a new purpose in life in the shape of Working cocker öve. Who in turn led him to us. The rest, is history.

Loves: Cocker Spaniels, photographing countryside, log fires, red wine
Dislikes: Snoring, Sitting at a desk, Shopping till you drop
Guilty Pleasure: A cheeky peanut butter and jam on toast


Adele is a holistic vet and advocate of feeding a fresh, unprocessed diet to our pets! Adele loves giving pet pet parents the knowledge and tools to help their pets to thrive and live a happy and healthy life!

Loves: Any animal, good food, spending time with friends and family
Dislikes: Poor breeding, trolling, spicy food
Guilty Pleasure: Reality tv


Production Manager

Loves: Dogs & family. Walking in the lakes, faffing, gin, growing food, baking, gardening, wine.
Dislikes: Licorice, Housework, Sausage rolls, Ironing, Gym.
Guilty Pleasure: Peaky Blinders, Chocolate, Cheese


Office Manager

Loves: Badminton, steak, prosecco, photography, dog walks, training, being creative, films
Dislikes: Motorway drivers, early mornings, flexi leads, soaps & reality tv
Guilty Pleasure: Cheesy chips, Disney films, an ice cream before bed


Warehouse Manager

Loves: Walks on the beach with my furry family, Derby County Football Club, Playstation & craft beer
Dislikes: Temporary road works, air travel, bell peppers
Guilty Pleasure: Spongebob Square Pants


Packing Supervisor

Loves: Smooth Collies, being by the sea, reading, red wine, rock music, fast cars
Dislikes: Having my picture taken! (and tapioca)
Guilty Pleasure: Star Trek


Processing Leader

Loves: Beer, Music, Leeds United, Leeds Rhinos
Dislikes: Cheese, Reality TV
Guilty Pleasure: KFC


Distribution Team Leader

Loves: Long walks with my whippets, anything sweet, currently having a collecting plants phase!
Dislikes: Loud eaters, the mess my boyfriend makes
Guilty Pleasure: Eating a ‘share’ bar of chocolate on my own


Customer Team Executive

Loves: Long walks, exploring new places, holidays, roast dinners, spending time with my furry family
Dislikes: Cold/wet weather, traffic jams, noisy eaters!
Guilty Pleasure: Dark chocolate, gin & tonic


Production Team

Loves: Dogs, sport, cars, any sport esp. rugby league
Dislikes: Coffee, heavy metal
Guilty Pleasure: 80’s pop – music and fizzy drinks


Human Team Member

Loves: Canicross, Lego, mango sorbet, weightlifting, sailing, tea, heavy metal, trips in my campervan
Dislikes: Milky tea, slow walkers, reality TV, piccalilli
Guilty Pleasure: Listening to The Archers, painting my nails


Human Team Member

Loves: My lovely Greyhound Scotch, bikes, bouldering, skiing, chess, documentaries, good food & coffee
Dislikes: Gardening, Christmas and cam cream
Guilty Pleasure: TBC


Warehouse Supervisor

Loves: Live music (loud!), Craft beer & breweries, Fly fishing, Puns, Strong coffee, Bob Mortimer
Dislikes: Tea (the hot beverage) – the work of the devil
Guilty Pleasure: Rockabye Baby (lullaby versions of popular rock bands)


Human Team Member

Loves: Hiking, Camping, Reading, Gaming
Dislikes: Sprouts, Rice Pudding
Guilty Pleasure: Double chocolate spread on toast


Human Team Member

Loves: Dogs, desserts, travelling, finding new places to eat
Dislikes: Coffee, being late, rude people
Guilty Pleasure: Changing into pajamas as soon as I get home


Human Team Member

Loves: My dogs, music, being crafty, eating pizza, nature
Dislikes: Cold rainy days, wasting food & noisy eaters
Guilty Pleasure: Watching a Disney film in my pyjamas


Human Team Member

Loves: Animals, dog walks, taking photos & letters
Dislikes: Cold weather, garlic, action films
Guilty Pleasure: Christmas songs year round


Human Team Member

Loves: Being Active, Riding Horses, Walks
Dislikes: Sitting around being bored
Guilty Pleasure: Ordering Pizza all the time!

Fancy joining us?

We’re growing and always on the lookout for like minded humans to join our team. Even if we don’t have any roles available we’ll keep your details for when we do.