Meet our vet

We’re delighted to have teamed up with renowned holistic vet Sue Armstrong. Here are a few words from her on why she has chosen to support our raw dog food.

I have been working with the raw pet food industry for many years and have been so happy to see how this sector has gone from strength to strength, improving both the range and quality of raw products available to dog and cat owners.

Imagine how excited I was when I came across Naturaw, just down the road from me, a company that pays the same high attention to detail to every aspect of their finished product right down to the inks used in the printing of the sleeves

As a vet and advocate of responsible raw food feeding for dogs…

I am passionate about education; to ensure that raw food feeding is done safely, appropriately and tailored to the needs of the individual animal to optimise health. Naturaw is fully behind supporting owners in making the right choices for their dogs health and nutrition and providing education into all aspects of raw food feeding.

I am passionate about quality; The quality of the end product comes from the core ingredients, and every aspect is important even down to the soil quality in the fields that nourishes the plants used to feed the grazing animals and poultry used in the product. Naturaw is using a high percentage of organic human grade product and knows its farmers and suppliers.

I am passionate about welfare; of the food animals used in raw product. Naturaw are using British, often locally sourced, high welfare meat.

Naturaw produces 80:10:10 (meat:bone:offal) diets with reliable nutritional analysis that form the balanced bedrock for a dogs daily diet. These are not complete foods in that no vegetable matter is added to the core product (nor any other supplements or additives) allowing owners to add appropriate vegetables and small amounts of e.g. berries according to their dogs individual needs. This makes the range very flexible and easily adapted for animals with food intolerances or health issues, as it is much easier to add something to a diet than remove it.

It will be a pleasure to work with the Naturaw team.

Dr Sue Armstrong MA VetMB VetMFHom CertIAVH MRCVS RsHom

To learn more about Sue and her fantastic work, see The True Animal Plan –