Return your wool

In 2018 we took the bold step of packing all orders in natural wool insulation designed with our friends at Woolcool, rather than pretty nasty polystyrene, and we’ve never looked back.  The liners are filled with 100% natural virgin sheep wool, inside a recyclable, food grade wrapper so that they can be reused, cutting down on waste altogether.

And about that – we have a simple and incredibly popular returns scheme where you can bag yourself some free credit for helping us to reuse them. It costs you absolutely nothing, is quick and easy and saves precious resources from the planet. Winner winner – whatever flavour you choose – dinner.

Request a return below.

how it works


Hang on to your wool liners when your Naturaw orders arrive. When you have 8 (there are two in every box) just pop them all in one box and seal it up.


Got 8? Then we’re all set, just fill in the quick form at the bottom of this page to request a return label. We’ll then email you a free DPD label within 48hrs, print it off and attach it to your parcel.


Drop your parcel off at your nearest DPD collection point – click here to find one. There are loads all over the country from corner shops, to supermarkets and other large retailers.

sit back & watch the voucher roll in

That’s it. Give a few days for your package to get back to us and we’ll email you a voucher for £5 off your next order. We’ll reuse your liners – everyone wins! Well, except the polystyrene manufacturers.

Please note – Due to a technical limitation it is not currently possible to use vouchers with existing subscription orders. As once you have submitted your recurring payment details we can not sporadically change the amount with your payment provider. You will have to place an additional order to use your voucher (subscriptions can be paused or the date put back easily via your account page


We can only accept returns of boxes containing 8 of our liners, no more, no less. You’ll find it fits snugly in one of our boxes anyway (8 small liners in a small box and 8 large liners fit in a large box) For each box of 8 you will receive a £5 voucher. No partial vouchers will be issued for any less than 8 in one box.

ONLY SEND US NATURAW LINERS. A very limited amount of other retailers use wool liners, we can only accept our own though as they’re tailor made to fit our boxes exactly. Any others will not count towards credit.

Free return delivery for liners is provided via the form below and by following the instructions on this page. We cannot re-emburse for any other delivery method used.

Keep it clean. If your cheeky dog has used your wool liners as a bed, then maybe best not to return them! We just need 8 clean, intact liners that we can use again.

Not got your label after 48hrs? (Mon-Fri) Check your spam folder for the email from DPD.

Please allow a week after dropping your box off for us to receive your package and your voucher to be emailed to the address provided. We cannot provide updates to the status of your return before this time has elapsed.

For all questions please email