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Naturaw News

Unavoidable price increases across the Naturaw range

You will no doubt have read about the current economic impact of the pandemic, rising raw material costs, labour issues and a dramatic increase in transport costs. This, coupled with Brexit and other factors are driving up uk food prices on what seems like a weekly basis at present.

The chaos created by Brexit has impacted us heavily if not directly. Although we have always used 100% British meat, other manufacturers are now having such difficulty importing it that it is creating unprecedented demand for the same material as they are forced to use better ingredients. It has also created massive workforce shortages in the food and transport industries in particular, which have only been exacerbated by pandemic related staffing issues. With less material around the price – you guessed it – goes up.

And then there is packaging – due to a combination of Brexit and the pandemic increasing demand due to more purchases online, we have seen a 51% rise in the price of cardboard in the last year. Coupled with worldwide shipping backlogs, soaring fuel and container costs these really are unprecedented times.

Like many other food manufacturers we cannot absorb the increases any more and have had no choice but to increase prices slightly, effective from midnight tonight – on average only 15-20p per pack. We believe our products still represent unparalleled value for money in terms of 100% British meat, many high welfare and also organic ingredients along with compostable packaging. We are also proudly an accredited living wage employer.

Thanks to all our loyal customers for your continued support and in advance for your understanding.

We have new products coming soon (keep your eyes peeled next week), and a HUGE product upgrade across the board coming later this year. Exciting times are ahead.

The Naturaw Team

Naturaw News

New Website Launch

We are thrilled to say that after lots of hard work behind the scenes the new Naturaw website is now live (But you probably knew that as you are already on it!) Fresh, simple, clean, bold, modern & innovative, the new site design better represents our continued evolution as a business and the ethos of us and our food. We are passionate, different, and proud of it.

When we launched our previous website several years ago it was cutting edge (and had a significant effect on other manufacturers websites), however as the years have passed it was starting to creak under the weight of everything.

So this is what the future looks like. It’s not just a visual improvement, there are so many new features for our customers we don’t quite know where to start.

Subscriptions – This is the big one, you can now subscribe to our taster boxes! A request we get all the time. Choose your size and then if you want it every week, every 6 weeks or somewhere in between. Head over to the subscriptions page for full info.

ps. there’s free treats with every delivery when you subscribe!

Live delivery date – Another ace feature is that you can now see the next delivery date on every product as you shop, and confirmed at checkout when you order so you know exactly when your food is arriving. Thanks to the hard work of our warehouse team we have recently been able to promise next day delivery on all orders placed before 12 noon, this continues onto this site but with more visibility. Saturday deliveries – Another popular request over the years and we can now offer this service (via DPD) for an extra charge of just £2. Options and dates are again displayed at checkout.

Advice & Info – We’ve overhauled all of our content and added loads of new stuff. So whether you want more info on us, our products, our ingredients, our packaging etc then it’s all right there at your fingertips. There’s also a whole heap of info on raw feeding in general.

Feeding Calculator – Another neat new feature, over on the feeding guidelines page (and the feeding guidelines tab on each product) you can pop your pups weight in and it’ll tell you how much you need to feed by day/week/month.

It’s super quick – you’ll find it significantly quicker to place your order on the new site. There are new usability features like an improved menu structure, add to basket on the category pages and large, bold images & text focussed on our new packaging designs so you can see what you want quickly. There’s also a whole new technical infrastructure at our end, we won’t get into the geeky details but it means it’s blazing fast and always available.

Mobile first – more of you now place your Naturaw order on your mobile phone than any other platform, which is why we designed the new site mobile first, scaling up to desktop rather than the other (traditional) way around.

Phew, there’s more too but we’ll let you explore yourselves.

We’re off for a lie down