introducing our complete raw dog food

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes for months sourcing an impressive array of whole food ingredients, undertaking extensive product testing and perfecting the recipes. This month we have launched our complete raw dog food – Forage by Naturaw.

Jess, who co-founded Naturaw in 2014 from a background in organic farming:  

“Forage contains everything a dog needs for a balanced diet; in keeping with all the Naturaw values our trade stockists and customers have come to expect. High welfare, human grade cuts of British meat, Forage is combined with a small amount of vitamin rich whole MSC certified sustainable Atlantic mackerel, along with carefully selected and impeccably sourced fruit, vegetables and botanicals, each is added for a purpose.”

“We focus on British, organic & sustainably sourced ingredients from closer to home over cheaper mass-produced ones from further afield, and not a single synthetic addition.”

The Forage range comprises four varieties; Beef, Lamb and Free Range Chicken as well as the Pure Blend – all available in 500g compostable tubs and all featuring twelve ‘Forage’ whole food ingredients. These range from Organic British Eggs, selected as they are the highest available welfare standard. Organic seaweed, sustainably hand harvested in Scotland and Organic Kale that is grown just over a mile from our production kitchen!

The incredibly striking and vibrant product is wrapped in stunning packaging designed in house, featuring original illustrations by Yorkshire based artist Sarah Watkins. As with all Naturaw products, the tubs, lids and sleeves are 100% compostable.

Naturaw Director Chris Broadbent added: “We’re incredibly proud of this exciting addition to our product range; customers are now able to make the choice between a Forage Complete, Original 80/10/10 or our Simply DIY variants; all true to the Naturaw ethos. It’s the best raw food we can possibly make, no compromises made with high welfare meat from British farms in completely compostable packaging.”

“With the continued growth of the raw market, with Forage, we are well placed to capture new groups of dog owners, switching to healthier alternatives, but also looking for sustainable and ethically sourced complete products – where currently few options exist.”

“The early reaction from our existing trade stockists to the Forage range has been overwhelming. The packaging and the ingredients list is proving a huge hit with consumers from day one.”

Starting out as a business inspired by our founders own dogs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks Louis & Ada, in a relatively short period of time and after some rapid organic growth we have firmly established ourselves as the premium and most eco friendly option in the ever growing raw pet food marketplace.