We’re passionate about responsibily sourcing the best quality ingredients for our raw food, and creating recipes that provide optimum nutrition to your furry companions.


Dogs are designed to eat fresh, natural, raw food. No nasty processed stuff or unnecessary filler ingredients. Say hello to our pretty awesome range of raw food, made using high welfare meats, produced and packed by hand – in pretty nifty biodegradable packaging (but you can read about that here) – in our DEFRA approved kitchen in North Yorkshire.


All the meat we use is from British farms (and fish from European waters) and has always been pre-stunned prior to slaughter, nothing we use is ever halal or kosher.


We only use human-grade cuts of meat in all our products. Except for green tripe, which (although a little wiffy) is a natural probiotic packed full of essential good bacteria, and an fabulous part of a healthy raw diet.


We always use Organic chicken carcass & Organic beef offal in all our minces (not just the certified organic range). See how Organic welfare compares and affects much more than the food they are fed.

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From Yorkshire with love

We’ve developed relationships with local farmers, gamekeepers and butchers to ensure the highest levels of animal welfare and astonishingly low food miles. Lamb, Beef, Turkey, Rabbit, Pheasant are all sourced from our doorstep in glorious North Yorkshire!


good ingredients, well balanced

Our balanced minces are created to the ratios of prey model raw. Not sure what that means? Its basically the make up of a dogs natural diet in the wild where they would be catching their own food (eg a whole rabbit, chicken). This works out as approximately 80% meat 10% bone 10% offal (liver, kidney, spleen etc).

When raw feeding, it is imperative to feed a correctly balanced diet. We balance our minces in small batches, which ensures the accuracy is exactly what it should be.


all good stuff, no filler

Unfortunately at present most raw food on the market will not have percentages of each ingredient – or even the cut of meat – clearly listed. We are proud to be different and want to shout about the quality of what goes in to our products from the rooftops!

We never include any lung in any of our products, although this is an extremely cheap ingredient it really has little nutritional value. Tripe and heart are also used in strict moderation, these cuts do not make up a large part of an animal so we don’t use in every balanced mince and where we do it’s to a maximum of 35% and clearly labelled as such.


simply DIY range
As well as our balanced raw food we also produce our Simply range, designed for those who prefer a DIY approach to raw feeding. They need to be used in combination to make up the correct ratio – but don’t sweat, our industry leading indicator labelling on the front of every pack lets you relax knowing you are feeding a balanced raw diet.


Packaged to do the world of good

The benefits of our raw food aren’t just felt in tummies, read all about our commitment to using biodegradable packaging here.