Why feed raw?

If you are considering the switch and us screaming  ‘JUST DO IT!’  through the computer screen isn’t enough, then have a look below for some reasons to take the plunge!


tick Improved dental and oral health

Imagine the state of your own teeth if all you ate was crumbly biscuits! Feeding meaty bones acts as a natural toothbrush, and even feeding complete minces sees improvement in many dogs due to the high moisture content and lack of ‘stickiness’.


tick Improved skin and coat condition

Feeding a natural diet free from additives, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours can only be a good thing! Many dogs have grain/gluten allergies which manifest themselves as skin and ear problems. These problems can simply disappear when removing grains from their diet, which are just unnecessary cheap fillers.


tick Digestion (and poo)

As dogs are not built to process grains like wheat and rice, which are found in lots of commercial dried foods, they can offer suffer from upset tummies, IBS and therefore large soft poos/diarrhoea. Raw fed dogs are in need of far smaller poo bags as very little of their food is wasted and what is deposited is easy to pick up…hurrah! (for some owners this transformation alone is enough to make the switch permanent)


tick Physical and mental stimulation

Feeding meaty bones/chunks provides prolonged meal times, a work out for neck/jaw and excitement and enjoyment well beyond that of a bowl of the same dried biscuits day in day out!


More Advice...

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