🍾🏆 We’re thrilled to say we’ve won the ‘Food & Drink’ award at the Made in Yorkshire awards.

“You’re joking – not another one” As Brenda from Bristol would say (niche reference)

Rio, Abbie, Amy & Chris represented us at last nights very glitzy bash and it turns out didn’t have to do the not-at-all-annoyed-that-someone-else-won face and clap as they collected the award 🥴

This one really does mean a great deal, as pointedly we have won the award in the ‘Food’ producers category – not ‘Pet Food’ 

Thinking of what we feed our dogs as real, proper food, not an entirely different subset of (utterly horrendous but don’t get us started) products called ‘Pet Food’ chucked next to the bleach in the supermarket, is the key driving force behind what we do and why we do it 🐾

Dogs are family, dogs deserve real food made with real ingredients.

Viva la Rawvolution!