Why Organic

There seems to be a lot of misinformation with regards to what Organic really means.

Having grown up on an Organic smallholding (just a stones throw from Naturaw HQ) it was especially important to Jess to include as many Organic ingredients as possible.

Many customers are surprised to learn that Organic doesn’t just mean the animals are fed on organic food and pesticides are not sprayed on the fields. Organic is so much more!

The main benefits of Organic meat actual relate to animal welfare. The most common question we get asked is “I see your chicken is organic, but I want to know is it Free Range?” YES, YES, YES it can’t be Organic if it isn’t. Organic is free range, and then some!

Lets take chickens raised for meat for example:

Free range

15 birds (or 25kg) per m2 indoors

1 bird per 1m2 outdoors

6 hours of darkness – can light artificially 18 hours

Can be fed GM feed

Average life – 56 days


10 birds per m2 indoors

1 bird per 4m2 outdoors

8 hours darkness – can light artificially 16 hours

NO GM feed allowed – only Organic feed

Minimum of 33% of indoor space must be solid floor with bedding (straw/shavings) NOT slatted/grid construction

Average life – 81 days


Officially, independently, organic

Whilst there are others on the market self-labelled organic, we are immensely proud to have the first raw dog food in the UK to be independently certified as organic. The lovely folk at OF&G inspect us so you can be sure our sourcing of the finest organic ingredients is up to scratch. You can see our organic range here.

In addition to the certified organic products, all the chicken carcass and all of the beef offal we use in all our minces is organic. See individual labelling for details.