The benefits of coconut oil

Supplements are no replacement for a properly balanced diet with plenty of animal fats, so make sure you get this right before looking for supplements! However they can prove useful in the natural treatment of a variety of health problems.

Coconut oil has become one of the most popular supplements for pets in recent years, due in part to it’s versatility. It can be applied topically to the skin or included in food.

Unlike meat (and fish oils), coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) mainly lauric acid but also caprylic acid and capric acid, which have antifungal and antibacterial properties in particular.

It has been found to help with conditions like IBS, colitis and generally help with digestion.

Coconut Oil can be applied to the skin (although it may be licked off straight away so be aware of this!) for soothing allergic reaction/allergies/stings, moisturising dry skin, aiding healing of wounds and treating yeast infections, it even has a natural sun protection factor!

When fed coconut oil can also help the skin issues the topical application helps, from the inside out!

It has been found to help with conditions like IBS, colitis and generally help with digestion.

Also containing certain fatty acids which can raise the metabolism and balance thyroid function, aiding weight loss in overweight pets ( …and owners!)


It’s not something many scientific studies have been conducted for (no money in it for large pharmaceutical companies) but suggested dosage seems to be 1/4 teaspoon per 10lbs (4kg) of pet weight – for large dogs this can translate as an awful lot! We suggest using common sense, we feed 1 teaspoon a day to an almost 50kg dog – and have seen coat and skin condition vastly improved!

Introduce slowly – start off with a very small amount, gradually increasing.

The natural goodness in coconut is only found in unrefined coconut oils, these cost more than refined ones, but there are none of the lovely health benefits in cheap versions, just a source of fat.

We only ever use Organic coconut oils, not just for the additional health benefits for us and our pets, but poisoning of farmers from administering pesticides to their crops in developing countries like India and Sri Lanka is something Organic farming avoids altogether!

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