Organic Spirulina Powder (200g)


Spirulina is an incredibly powerful superfood, either that or it’s some sort of magic. A microscopic algae it contains one of the most extraordinary concentrations of nutrients found in any food, plant, grain or herb on the planet. The list of benefits are huge (for both humans and animals), but a few of the key ones are;

• Helps immune system/allergies
• Improves gastrointestinal health
• Detoxes body
• Reduces rates of cancer

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Add 1/4 teaspoon per 500g of food for dogs
(Double this dose for cats)

Spirulina is an algae, and one of the most complete foods on the planet. It is well known for its huge antioxidant content, but is also a rich source of protein. This protein is abundant in all nine of the essential amino acids (those we cannot make for ourselves and so have to obtain from food). Spirulina also provides several highly-concentrated vitamins and minerals. Centuries ago the Aztec civilisation cultivated it as a staple food, and today it is regarded as central to some Asian diets. Although it can grow in natural conditions, most Spirulina today is produced commercially.

Spirulina replicates itself by photosynthesis, extracting energy from light. The product of this is chlorophyll, the substance that makes plants green. Another pigment in Spirulina is Phycocyanin. The protein content of Spirulina makes it popular with people following fitness regimes. Of equal value is the vitamins it provides. It is rich in Vitamin A and has more Vitamin B1 than cows’ milk. It contains Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 and B9 (folic acid). Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E are also provided, plus Calcium and Iron. Spirulina is much-used by people undergoing detoxification programmes.

Organic Spirulina powder.

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