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Yorkshire Beef Chunks (1kg)

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From our own kitchen. Vacuum pack of boneless beef meat chunks, all born and raised in North Yorkshire near Naturaw HQ. A natural tooth cleaner for smaller pets especially if fed semi frozen or simply a treat for the bigger ones, great addition to a varied raw diet.

100-0-0100% British Producehuman grade ingredients

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Raw Food for Working Dogs

This is what real dog food looks like, just high quality meat with no additives or preservatives in sight. Totally grain free, It’s what dogs were born to be fed.


contents-duck 100% Beef Chunks


Moisture 64.9, Protein 21.4, Fat 13.1


Store in the freezer, defrost in fridge and use within 3 days (safe to defrost, portion & refreeze). This food is NOT complete: Feed as part of balanced raw diet, these are boneless so combine with mince with bone or whole meaty bones and a small amount of offal. Aim for 80% meat / 10% bone / 10% offal. A truly balanced raw diet must be varied, so mix it up a little and feed as many different meat types as possible.

adult dogs  – Feed 2-3% of ideal bodyweight daily. (eg. a 10kg dog will require 200-300g each day)

pups  – This food is suitable for all ages, see our FAQ page for advice on feeding puppies


We’re a small but incredibly passionate group of humans, who believe the best way to look after dogs is to feed them as natural a diet as possible. No grains, cheap fillers, chemicals or additives. We only use the highest quality British meat in our kitchen, lots of which is either organic, free range or farm assured and has always been humanely slaughtered. We love all animals and respecting those used for food is extremely important to us. We also list the exact ingredients used on every pack, so you know precisely what you are feeding. We hope your dogs love the products as much as ours do

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1 review for Yorkshire Beef Chunks (1kg)

  • matsume

    6th May 2017 at 11:00 pm

    5 out of 5

    Oh my god, my dogs LOVE these! They’ve been a bit picky about they’re complete meals so thought I’d give these a try. They go absolutely mad over these! Great quality and even smells good, I’m also tempted to try it myself 🙂


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