Omega Rich

Great for our oily fish hating canine and feline friends. Excellent for promoting a shiny, soft coat, but is no replacement for a varied and balanced raw diet, so make sure you get that as right as you can before adding any supplements!

An excellent source of Omega 3’s, which is often lacking in our pets diets, lots of foods have high levels of omega 6 but oily fish are the main source of omega 3. The balance between omega 3’s and 6’s is very important so along with coconut oil which is high in lauric acids (which fish oil doesn’t have) we feed regularly.

Studies have shown salmon oil to have many varied health benefits, including:
Aiding joint mobility
Improving heart health
Supporting the immune system
Increasing concentration and trainability

Dosage: Our Salmon Oil contains 1337mg of omega 3 per 5ml (on the 125ml & 250ml 1 pump = 2ml, 500ml 1 pump = 3.5ml)

As a guide we would recommend 2ml of oil per 5kg of bodyweight daily.

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