Louis & Ada

Introducing our new range named after the founders of Naturaw, Louis & Ada.

Just proper treats & supplements to complement a natural diet. It sounds pretty easy really, but you would be surprised how many others manage to make a right ol’ dogs dinner of it by using unethically sourced ingredients from half way around the world, or adding a load of processed nonsense our beloved dogs shouldn‘t be consuming.

Our unparalleled commitment to sustainability is at the heart of Louis & Ada. Everything we use is totally, properly compostable. Without geeking out too much, the specially developed pouches we use to pack all of our treats & supplements in are produced from sustainably sourced paper with a 100% plastic free lining derived from water. You can recycle it with the rest of the paper stream or simply pop it in your compost. Additionally the cardboard sleeves on supplements are printed in vegetable inks on a board made from agricultural waste, using 100% green energy.

You can discover more about the story behind Louis & Ada and Naturaw, as well as read a lot more information on the product ranges and the impressive packaging on the standalone Louis & Ada website. You can order now from the range below.

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