About Us

Meet the team…

We’re a small but passionate (and growing) bunch.


Product Testing Manager

The original inspiration for Naturaw, but his p45 may be imminent. Louis regularly falls asleep at work and makes the office smell. 

Loves: Dinner time, the sofa, breakfast time, football, snack time, the beach, treat time, bed, Ada
Dislikes: Salad, cyclists, not dinner time
Guilty Pleasure: Stuffed toys


Apprentice Taster

The most junior member of our team, but without doubt the most energetic. Can be found tearing round the warehouse on regular occasions.

Loves: Playing, socks, toilet roll, squirrel, tiger, Louis
Dislikes: Authority, mornings, crows, Liam Neeson
Guilty Pleasure: Rolling in fox poo


Chief Dogsbody

Jess started Naturaw after encountering frustrating problems with raw suppliers websites (or lack of them), misleading information about ingredients & bone content and infrequent deliveries. From an organic farming background, she is incredibly passionate about organic produce.

Loves: Gin, horse riding, Northumberland
Dislikes: Fussy eaters, 6AM, extendable leads
Guilty Pleasure: Peter Andre


Design & Creative

Two of Tom’s biggest passions in life are his dogs and his career in design/ecommerce. Naturaw was the perfect marriage of the two and the website is a constant labour of love. Recently found obsessing over the smallest detail of our own range packaging!

Loves: Glastonbury, coffee, football, music, cricket, more coffee
Dislikes: Reality TV, grapefruit, mint chocolate
Guilty Pleasure: Processed cheese slices


Distribution Manager

We are pretty sure that Steph was sent to work with us by her Cocker Spaniel Holly, who knew full well of the tasty things she’d be bringing home on a regular basis! 

Loves: The Thick of It, The Greatest Showman, Yorkshire puddings, rugby
Dislikes: Mushrooms, dirty tissues, soap TV
Guilty Pleasure: Kpop


Human Team Member

Loves: Cocker Spaniels, photographing countryside, log fires, red wine
Dislikes: Snoring, Sitting at a desk, Shopping till you drop
Guilty Pleasure: A cheeky peanut butter and jam on toast


Human Team Member

Loves: Countryside walks, dog photography, Cornwall, beach days
Dislikes: Shopping, mushrooms, boredom
Guilty Pleasure: McDonalds


Human Team Member

Loves: Country walks with the family, crazy springer spaniel Spencer, the seaside, cosy nights by a coal fire with a good film & a gin!
Dislikes: Early mornings
Guilty Pleasure: Fish & chips


Human Team Member

Loves: Countryside, travel, friends, books, crosswords, reggae, roast lamb, jelly babies, Marmite, skydiving, making hats
Dislikes: Celery, paperwork, TV, drivers who don’t indicate
Guilty Pleasure: Charity shops instead of the chores!


Human Team Member

Loves: Music Festivals, Gin… I mean gym! Camping and anything outdoorsy
Dislikes: Cheesy Musicals, gardening and the smell of lavender
Guilty Pleasure: Crisps


Human Team Member

Loves: Locking Mandy in the freezer, growing his own veg, Coffee
Dislikes: Traffic, Tea, Crosswords, a messy van
Guilty Pleasure: Finding a bargain (typical Yorkshire native!)


About our little company…

Naturaw is a family run company based in rural North Yorkshire. We’re passionate about our pets, and nowhere more is this displayed than by our desire to feed them the best diet available… raw (which we think is pretty impressive seen as there are several vegetarians amidst our ranks).

In 2010 Jess completed a degree in Equine Science at Lincoln University where she elected to complete modules on animal nutrition, learning and training, and anatomy, alongside her equine studies. We were prompted to change all the families pets to a raw diet when our beloved Ridgeback Louis was suffering with chronic ear and skin infections, we switched between several brands of dried foods, with varying degrees of improvement, but nothing really cleared it up. After taking the plunge to raw, Louis no longer had any of the dark itchy skin on his belly, nor was he constantly shaking his head and scratching his ears. We have never looked back, and since added many new furry faces to our family both feline and canine, all of whom are positively thriving on their species appropriate diet.

After a couple of years as a retailer of raw food, deep down our passion was always to create something truly special of our own. So, in Late 2015 we moved in to our first dedicated premises in North Yorkshire and launched our range of raw food made in our own production kitchen. Produced completely in-house, we crafted every aspect ourselves using our experience and knowledge as raw feeders. From the chunky mince made from quality cuts of British meat, to the beautiful biodegradable packaging – packaging that we strongly believe is labelled to an unbeatable standard in clarity, transparency, and quite simply helpfulness. In addition, we are incredibly proud to have launched the first raw pet food in the UK to be organically licensed (OFG).

Demand for our range proved unprecedented, and in 2017 we had to move again – to much bigger place a few miles away (Hessay, where you’ll find us now!).

In November 2018 we are opening our new state of the art production kitchen, which will allow us to better fulfil the ever increasing demand for our raw food.

It’s all thanks to the hard work of our team, and our lovely customers, so here’s to you!

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